The Art of the Perfect Scotch Egg

McKee’s have been creating award winning scotch eggs for decades, with the help of our very own dedicated scotch egg team, working around the clock to produce the nation’s favourite scotch egg.

Our Scotch egg needs no introduction, they are renowned for their unique taste. The demand for the product is so high that we have six full-time staff at our Maghera factory to provide for our ever growing customers! We literally sell thousands every day!

What’s the big secret?…

We’ll we won’t say too much… but firstly our staff are incredible. Production, we begin by sourcing all our eggs pre-boiled & shelled, from local free range farmers, with deliveries daily (maybe even twice a day!) to our factory in Maghera, ready for our team to begin the process.

Here’s our dedicated “Scotch Egg Team”.

Our “Scotch Egg Team”, then get to work, covering the eggs in our delicious sausage meat, then continue to roll these into perfectly sized balls, there’s an art in that too!

There’s a secret in the sizing…

Once smoothed, covered and sized, they are dipped into egg batter, (along with a few other little ingredients!) and finally passed on to to be covered in our breadcrumbs, this process is done not once but twice.

Not once…but twice!

Lastly they are deep fried (in the best way possible!) and are ready to be cooled and served…

Our award winning Scotch Eggs.

Have you tried them before? Add scotch eggs to your order today.

McKee’s Launches Home Delivery Across the North West & Mid-Ulster

McKee’s family butchers have seen an ever growing demand for their wholesome, locally sourced pies and dinner products. They’ve now packaged their wonderful products for internet customers and invested in super cool web technology to create an end-to-end food service for their customers in the North West & Mid Ulster.

From exceptionally succulent steaks to scrumptious pies & ready made meals, McKee’s have you covered. Freshly prepared in the Maghera factory straight to your door 5 days a week.

McKee’s now freshly produce just over 300 products in their Maghera Factory, all available to order online. It is a far cry from the humble beginnings of the business, which started out as a butcher’s in the town in 1898.

McKee's factory and delivery staff ready themselves for the new venture by the business.
McKee’s factory and delivery staff ready themselves for the new venture by the business.

Speciality Pies

Another award winning product from McKee’s is their speciality pies, with no sales person in site, Mr McKee himself went to the local shops and let the pies speak for themselves. They are now sold in Spars stores all around Northern Ireland, however, he insists they are delivered directly to the shops. Mr McKee feels the personal touch of the company has brought them to where they are now.

Our New Website

After much thought, McKee’s have decided to invest in a new eCommerce website, allowing customers to view, purchase and create an online account for easy shopping.

Alongside Beacon13 – Digital Media, they have finally achieved it. They realise that a website can generate new business, promote goodwill among customers and prospects, and deliver strong marketing messages to all our customers throughout North West & Mid Ulster.

McKee’s new website will accept orders on-line, taking payments
allowing users to save their orders in MyAccount for easy weekly shops.

McKee’s truly hope our customers enjoy our easy online experience and would like thank all our customers far and wide for your continued support throughout all the years and as we begin our next venture in digital.